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Are you stuck in repetitive unhealthy habits?

How would it feel to be truly listened to? How would it feel to connect with your inner wisdom, to feel that you are enough, worthy, feel healthy and to care for yourself deeply?

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what is theta healing?

Theta Healing technique is an amazing energy healing modality. Imagine a combination of talking theraphy and reiki with a pinch of detective work. 
Theta Healing works with your emotions and subconcious mind, it is fast, effective and creates shifts in physical and emotional conditions.

about me

My name is Arleta I currently live in Scotland with my husband and my adorable fluffy fat cat Monty.

Few years back due to ongoing health problems, I was forced to rethink everything I knew about conventional medicine and search for my own answers.

Now I dedicate my life to help others find their answers.


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about me

My name is Arleta I currently live in Scotland with my husband and. my adorable fluffy fat cat Monty.

Few years back, due to ongoing health problems, I was forced to rethink everything I knew about conventional medicine and search for my own answers.

Now I dedicate my life to help others find the answers they need.

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    How high do you rank the importance of rest?   Rest is...

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I quit social media, would you?

I quit social media, would you?

It is happening! I am doing it I am quitting social media. I will be detoxing from Facebook and Instagram until May. I will be restoring my factory settings

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SENSE-tives – Highly Sensitive People

SENSE-tives – Highly Sensitive People

Being sensitive have been misunderstood and marginalised for long time. Often what people hear when someone say sensitive is ‘delicate’, ‘fragile’ or ‘weak’ and there is nothing further from the truth then that.

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white porcelain bowl filled with yellow-white creamy citrus celeriac soup sprinkled with fried dice bacon

Easy Citrus Celeriac Soup

  This Citrus Celeriac Soup is an outcome of a bountiful crop of celeriac in my garden. I simply at some point run out of ideas what to do with it and decided to make some soup out of it.        The thing is that celeriac is not the most flavorsome vegetable...
Spicy organic butternut squash soup served in white bowl placed on wooden board with sprinkle of chilli on the side

Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

  This spicy butternut squash soup recipe is very easy and I make it on regular basis as it does not require much stove slaving.You will love it as you can pop the butternut squash in the oven and go on with my day.Overall it takes little time to make and very limited...
Jars of sauerkraut, kimchi and other living foods

Homemade Sauerkraut

Anyone who knows me will tell you how hard it is to shut me up about the gut flora and importance of fermented foods. I consider sauerkraut to be one of the easiest living foods to make and also much more affordable to make it yourself.
jar with period cramp relief - essential oil blend next to tampons

Period cramps relief oil blend

I used this period cramps oil for years now and could not imagine life without it. As someone who used to suffer intense period pain I would use anything I can before I turn to painkillers. Depending on the intensity of your pain this period cramps blend will...
a porcelain cup with tea on a soucer seating on the top of wooden board with some red goji berries scattered and three fresh muffins covered with almond flakes

breakfast goji berry gluten free muffins

This gluten free muffins are a healthy snack or convenient breakfast option while also being absolutely sugar free.

jar of fresh homemade milk kefir on a read and white background

homemade milk kefir full of probiotics

Simple recipe for a fresh homemade milk kefir, great as a side of a dinner or added to a smoothie.

Regular consumption of kefir is one of the simplest ways of introducing probiotics to your diet and boosting your good gut bacteria count.

There is no one size fit all solution out there.

You are unique and one of a kind, what works for someone else will not necessarily work for you.

A coach helps you to identify your unique needs and find the best lifestyle for you.


As a coach I keep you accountable, I guide you and give you tested methods to imporve your wellbeing, bring more joy, presence and hapiness in your life.


In the Body and Soul Programme you not only recieve the practical health coaching guidance but also get to expierience deep emotional healing.


While we do Theta Healing and Subconcious Mind work we resolve your limiting beliefs and other emotional or spiritual blocks which were holding you from livinging the life you been waiting for.

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