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my name is arleta and i currently live in scotland with my husband and my adorable fluffy fat cat monty šŸ™‚

a little bit about me and why my passion for theta healing

I love sharing all I can about food, nutrition, environment, healing and holistic health.

I cooked since I can remember, learning all I could from my mum, a true magician in the kitchen. She is capable of creating something out of nothing.
Throughout my life, I developed an even deeper passion for natural health, eco-friendly products, and holistic health.
That’s where the green (a.k.a. ecological) and DIY (a.k.a. homemade) life began.

Whenever I have tried some new dishes in a restaurant, I would thinker how can I make it myself, whenever I would go to a health food store and find the interesting products I like, I would search for a way of making it myself.

Due to ongoing health problems I was forced to rethink everything I new about conventional medicine and search for my own answers.

I am currently recovering from adrenal fatigue (also knows as a burn out), am gluten intolerant, and have a wee love and hate relationship with candida. My body is unable to cope with large amounts of sugar or caffeine, to top that I also suffer from idiopathic anaphylaxis every now and then.

But all that said most of the days I feel great, I am happy and grateful for my life. Every day I learn how to master my wellness a little bit more, and love every bit of my healing journey.

While learning about everyday aspects affecting our health, I realized there are many people out there who must deal with similar problems and need helping hand, support or understanding of their struggle with health.

That’s why I decided to start the green DIY life blog, which then evolved with me into this website.

While searching for ways to bring back my health and wellness, I have tried many different healing methods. My attitude was very set on finding something that will work for me. I knew not everything would, but I was dedicated to trying as many options as I need to in order to find what I needed.

I tried mindfulness, affirmations, meditation, EFT, Reiki, Singing bowl treatment, various massage, cupping, chiropractic treatment, Emotion Code, Body Code, Grounding, Neuroplasticity, energy healing and many more I can’t remember.
ThetaHealingĀ® came to me as fairly recently, but when I discovered it, I knew it is a modality that connects for me all I become familiar with over the years.

I see Theta Healing as a comprehensive and organized system of energy healing, which I was searching for.


I absolutely love this method of Healing, and as someone who tried many modalities before I am quite happy, I finally found something that has so much impact on people’s lives while also being so versatile.

Here you can find my qualifications in Theta Healing.

For more information on Theta Healing, please visit www.thetahealing.com.

I am also training as aĀ HolisticĀ Health Coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and will be fully qualified at the beginning of May 2019.

As a fully trained Health Coach, I focus on the bio-individuality, which is the main base of information and direction in holistic health coaching.
Diets don’t work for a reason. We are all different. We live different lifestyles, eat different foods, and work or spend time in different places.
It all has a huge impact on our health, and as a Health Coach, I guide my clients in finding the right path for them to get to their ultimate health goals.

Other interesting facts about me:

  • love gardening
  • struggle not to sing along to all my favorite song
  • wrote a dissertation based on my research about reasons why men do not take longer paternity leave
  • love books and read daily before sleep, my favorite fiction are any books about magic and witches, am an absolute fan of J K Rowling and Sarah J Mass writing, although I also read a lot of self-help and personal development books
  • am a book editor
  • love playing boardgames
  • been in the final of Scotland’s Miss Polonia Contest and spend few years photo modeling
  • went to military high-school
  • favorite T.V. series: Medium, House, Charmed, Location, Location, Location, Love it or List It, Gilmore Girls, Men in Trees, Supernatural, Supernanny, Smurf, Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef and so on.
  • Favorite movies: Avatar, Inception, X-Men, Tinkerbell, LOTR, Hobbit, Lucy, Matrix, Fantastic Beasts, Top Gun, G.I. Jane, Die Hard,Ā  Tomb Raider, Despicable Me, Inside Out, Beauty and the Beast, Santa Claus, Jumanji, Ratatouille, anything with Julia Roberts and could go forever here.
  • one of the most hilarious things I ever did: while running fast on treadmill I tried to take my earphones to say ‘hi’ to passing friend, that resulted in my legs slipping of the treadmill while I tried to hang and lift myself up for far too long until finally I gave up and let the machine kick me of itself
    I smile EVERY SINGLE time I think about it.

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