a blue plastic sphere looking like and egg with small round laundry washing beads inside

EcoEgg – ecological replacement for laundry detergent

EcoEgg is one of great and affordable solutions to washing clothes

Similarly to soap nuts which I wrote about here. EcoEgg is ecological laundry solution which is affordable and last for many washes.

you simply assemble it by putting small ‘washing beads’ inside the egg and then you pop it into your washing machine and that’s it.

a blue plastic sphere looking like and egg with small round laundry washing beads inside

EcoEgg – ecological laundry

I have been using EcoEgg now for around two years either interchangeably with or together with soapnuts. Technically you can use it by itself without anything else, I just happened to be very peculiar about my washing and like to have it extra crisp. But nevertheless, even I with clear OCD around my washed clothes can get great effect with natural detergents.

This is the EcoEgg I use, it cost around £20 but last for around 720 washings which is real bargain, right?

Big plus is the fact that you can easily order the refill and continue to use the same EcoEgg.

Soapnuts and ecoegg are both ecological loundry product you can you by themselves, interchangebly, or simply use just one.
As I love my washing prestine, especially my whites! I use both the EcoEgg and soapnut at the same wash. I do not think there is a need to sacrifice the eviroment nor the outcome. Both can be achieved, use both if you worry that the ecological laundry detergent cant possibly compite with brand washing powders.

Using both is still more affordable then some brands laundry products and by far gentler for your skin, your family skin and the envioroment!

EcoEgg is environmentally friendly which is the main reason for me to use it. It also is hypoallergenic which is a big plus too.

So there we have it another laundry detergent alternative which is affordable, efficient, ecological and great for sensitive skin.


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