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I am fully trained and certified Holistic Health Coach, I studied at the oldest Health Coaching school, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

As a Health Coach I am able to support you throughout your health journey and help you to get to where you desire with your lifestyle and wellbeing.
Whether it is finding the right foods for you, getting your sleep under control or finding clarity on most important things in your life.

As someone who experienced high stress, depression and a number of food intolerances, I know I can support people who are dealing with those issues the best.

Diets don’t work for a reason. In my coaching work I focus on your bio-individuality and guide you in the journey of learning to eat intuitively as well as to understand yourself and your body better. 

I offer 6-months Health Coaching programme where we will meet twice a month via Zoom. We will be able to track your progress and address any issues coming up during our sessions. 

Six month programme ensures that we have enough time to work through any issues you might be dealing in your life on regular basis, as well as it allows your new habits to be established.

I also offer free Health History session during which we can look at your overall wellbeing and explore the options of working together. 
It is also great opportunity for you to have space to have your health concerns voiced and explore various ways of achieving you desired health goals.

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