Jars of sauerkraut, kimchi and other living foods


Anyone who knows me will tell you how hard it is to shut me up about the gut flora and importance of fermented foods. 

I truly belief that fermented foods are crucial for our overall well-being and with around 70% of our immune system being in our Gut, we really do need to look after it.

If you looking for other living food recipes check out my kefir recipe!

I consider sauerkraut to be one of the easiest living foods to make and also much more affordable to make it yourself.

You can find a lot of sauerkraut in supermarkets (at least in UK you do) but the issues with those is that they are pasteurised. 
thus what you really need is a raw sauerkraut which you can find in health foods stored but it is also fairly price.

In making your own all your need is cabbage, a bit of salt and some patience. Seasoning is a optional if you would like to get creative, cumin, dill and juniper berries are great to start with. 




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