past life regression

what is past life regression

& how can it help you?

thetahealing technique is an amazing energy healing modality.

it is fast, effective and works for physical and emotional conditions.

what can i expect?

‘Past Life Regression


During Past Life Regression session, you will have occasion to journey into two to three of your past or future lifetimes.


The session starts by me creating a crystal grid around you to help you tap into your Soul wisdom.


During the session, I will guide you through the journey where we gather the most important information and ensure that any needed healing is completed before moving forward.


You will be able to witness yourself in the past (or future!) lifetimes while being in a slightly meditative state, no need to worry as this is a very gentle and non-invasive process. We visit only what is ready to be resolved. Often your Soul would guide you towards the lifetimes connecting to whatever might be going on in your present life, although it is encouraged that the client sets the intention in order to connect with whatever they need too. This can be done just before the session.


Please note Past Life Regression is the only service that is available face to face due to the nature of the process. ‘

“when you decide to be happy no one can stop you”

arleta blackley wiertelak

“when you decide to be happy no one can stop you”

arleta blackley wiertelak

are you ready to make yourself a priority?


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