thetahealing® technique

what is theta healing

& how can it help you?

thetahealing technique is an amazing energy healing modality.

it is fast, effective and works for physical and emotional conditions.

what does a theta healing session look like?

there isn’t a typical theta healing session, as we all are different individuals, although there are a few basic principles.


i will ask you what you want to work on. we will start by talking about it, and with your permission, i will do an energy scan of your body.


from here, it can go in many different ways. the ultimate point is to get to the bottom of the issue and remove the root cause, often a limiting belief.


during the session, i will go and take you into a meditative state with theta brain wave, which allows us to tap into your subconscious mind.


i also, use my intuitive and coaching skills to guide you through the healing session.


we may use muscle testing to help identify limiting beliefs.


unsure what muscle testing is?


check this quick video explaining a few different techniques of muscle testing.


the sway test is often the easiest for beginners.


what you do:



you have to be willing to work with me and to be open to the process.

you give (or not) your permission for the body scan, healing, downloads.

your permission is crucial as I am unable to go against your free will and bring the healing for you without you agreeing for it first.

“when you decide to be happy no one can stop you”

arleta blackley wiertelak

“when you decide to be happy no one can stop you”

arleta blackley wiertelak

are you ready to make yourself a priority?


schedule your sample theta healing session here:

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